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                    List of mountain peaks in Nepal…

                    When you think of traveling to Nepal, think about trekking as it is the best thing to do here. This is because Nepal is home to numerous mountains including Mount Everest which is the highest peak on earth. More than half of the tourists entering Nepal would like to travel to the Annapurna region. This region of the Himalayas includes 14 peaks higher than 22,943 feet, including the summit Annapurna I (26,545 feet), 10th highest peak on earth. However, the Annapurna peaks are difficult to climb, and may also prove to be risky, but still could be thrilling to ones who dare. After Annapurna, the Khumbu region is very popular among international visitors. This mountainous region includes Mount Everest and other popular peaks including Lhotse the world’s fourth-highest mountain, Gyachung Kang, Pumori, Khumbutse, Cholatse and many more.

                    Here is the list of the mountain peaks over 6,000 meters which are all located in Nepal.

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